50 combined years in ICT and Marketing has told us a few things

Coforge Consulting offers 50 combined years of experience

There’s a natural gap between business needs and the services that most providers offer.

Most service providers specialise in particular aspects of the communications or technology mix such as graphic design, web development, content systems, advertising placement or technical solutions.

They are often excellent in their areas of expertise, but to get the most out of them, an integrated strategy that looks broadly across all possible solutions is required.

In our experience, the real challenge lies in focussing resources to provide a strategic solution rather than a tactical one.  Ultimately this approach provides the best return on investment.

Knowing what you don’t know is critical

Coforge Consulting - know what you don't know

Traditional marketing and ICT providers are good at providing services and solutions to a brief, but how do you make sure the brief gets the best strategic outcome for your organisation?

There is a conflict if suppliers shape the brief because there is a motivation to think around the solutions that they can provide.

Most internal teams are busy managing their day to day goals and don’t have much time for or experience in strategic development. Solutions are often developed from existing knowledge, rather than an independent and outward looking review.

We’ve seen opportunities go under realised or even missed as the business tries to balance business as usual with new growth and development.  Taking time out to discover what you don’t know is critical to obtaining the best possible strategic solutions.

Sometimes you have to pause to really go forward

Time to Pause - Coforge Consulting

Many organisations tend to break development down into discrete chunks to fit with time frame, budget and management frameworks.

Whilst this delivers progress on the surface, often the individual don’t coalesce, resulting in future fragmentation, work-arounds and additional costs.

We have found that taking the time to look at how the stages join together and doing all that we can to make them join seamlessly pays dividends at delivery time.

Taking time out to plan is difficult but critical

Time to Plan - Coforge Consulting

Growing businesses often have to prioritise resources between business as usual and development.

Teams are usually busy delivering everyday services and sometimes don’t have the depth of planning experience.  Tasks and projects can be outsourced to agencies and service providers but it still requires internal resources to brief, manage and guide the development process.

We understand this and work in with existing priorities to ensure the best balance between engagement, development and business as usual, we adapt our approach to match individual client needs.